Muscles Can't Retract

by Elijah Herrell

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elijah herrell - vocals/acoustic
alan shih - electric guitar
tyler sheer - drums
johanna bateman - harmonies
tim romero - piano

mixed by zachary buckius
recorded live at the IHOPU studio in KC, MO


A lie said I’m forsaken like Jesus
Only loved and fathered by my vices
Open wounds I defended and treasured
with my heart, where I never thought you hold me

Contending for your favor for all this wasted time
Pretending like I’m braver than all the times I’ve cried

O God, I’m searching for your chest
and all I want is to get rest in love
(I want to feel it, I cannot fix myself)
I’ve gotten used to growing cold
but honestly I want to hold your hand,
why can’t you hold me?

I’ve held you since the day that you whispered out my name
and my muscles can’t retract
Why I hold you tight is the struggle in the night,
you fought and cried in my arms
My eyes on you right from the start,
you lean upon my very heart and your tears are felt upon my skin,
When it’s hard and vision blurs,
always let me kiss you with my word and know I love you.


released June 21, 2015
butts by matt lutz




Elijah Herrell Kansas City, Missouri

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